Chimney Drone Inspection Ringwood

Our client initially contacted us as they were experiencing birds entering their chimney. They were concerned as the customer had previously had a terminal installed on the chimney pot which they believed should prohibit any birds from being able to enter.

We recommended a drone inspection as the most efficient way to get a closer look at the chimney and to be able to determine how the birds were getting in.

Luckily for the customer, on this occasion we were able to attend on the same day which they called. We attended the property, and the drone was sent up to capture images and video footage around the top of the chimney.

Drone Inspection Ringwood

Once the footage had been taken, this was then reviewed with the customer on site. Upon inspection of the footage, it was confirmed that the existing terminal was free from damage and the chimney construction itself was sound. It was determined that the birds were entering the chimney via the terminal itself and it was therefore recommended that the customer change this to a more suitable terminal to prevent this from happening again.

With all unused flues we would recommend fitting a terracotta ventilator cap which would alleviate the issue of bird entry.

In this instance no further investigation was required as the chimney was not in use. However, had the chimney been in use we would inspect the flue internally with a CCTV camera to confirm whether the bird entry had caused any further issues such as blockages of bird nesting material within the flue. We would then arrange to unblock the flue from ground level or if this was not possible, from the top of the chimney stack. It must be noted however that birds nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and can only be removed when not being built or in use.

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