Flue Liner and Stove Installation Ringwood

Our client contacted us as they wanted to install a wood burner in their property. They were also concerned about the condition of their chimney stack which had clearly deteriorated over time.

Chimney before
Fireplace opening before

We visited the property to discuss their requirements with them and to assess what work would be required. They were not sure what size of stove would be suitable for the fireplace recess and what level of repair would be required to ensure the chimney stack was watertight.

Chimney after repointing

Following acceptance of our fixed price quotation, we gained access to the chimney stack using scaffolding. We then repointed the whole of the chimney stack and made brick replacements where necessary due to spalling brickwork. Spalling brickwork is common as a property ages as moisture is drawn into the brick (essentially like a sponge) and freezes/thaws due to weather changes. Over time this causes the bricks to crumble, flake or fall out entirely.

We then installed a new flexible flue liner from the top of the chimney. The chimney pot was then set with new grit and lime weather flaunching set at a steep pitch to shed the water. The liner was then ready for connection to the stove within the fireplace recess.

New chimney pot cowl flaunching

Internally the fireplace recess was lime rendered and a new closure plate installed. Following our recommendations, the customer chose to install an FDC5 WIDE Eco Multifuel Stove 5kW. This stove is Ecodesign Ready and only required a 50mm air gap around the stove allowing it to use as much of the recess space as possible.

Flue Liner and Stove Installation Ringwood

Testing and commissioning were then carried out and HETAS certification provided for the customer.

All debris was removed from site leaving clear and tidy.

When the work was completed, the customer provided us with some great feedback via email:

“Finally, when I said I was happy with your work, I should have elaborated to say the two guys who did it were lovely guys, very courteous, accommodating and professional.

Thanks to them, you and Tony (was a nice touch by him coming to have a look at the end!)”

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