Sweep and CCTV Flue Condition Inspection

Our client contacted us regarding their listed property as they required a sweep and CCTV inspection of all flues to determine the condition of each flue and their suitability for future use.

CCTV Flue Condition Inspection Before Flue Condition Inspection Before

Additionally, we were required to confirm whether a specific stove would fit within an existing fireplace and whether the installation could conform to current building regulations. The client also required the same confirmation regarding installation of a multi-fuel cooker within the kitchen fireplace. These details were essential for the client’s listed building application.

Upon sweeping the flues we found that all chimneys were blocked with bird nesting material and brick debris. We were therefore unable to inspect the full length of each flue with our camera.

CCTV Flue Condition Inspection During Flue Condition Inspection During

As the customer did not have scaffolding in place around each of the chimneys at this time, we were unable to unblock from the top of the flue. This would be our usual first course of action in this event. Alternatively, we would open up the flues from various positions within the property in order to unblock, however as the property was listed this is not always permitted without consent.

Following our visit, we were able to provide recommendations as above regarding unblocking the flues and confirmed regarding compliance with building regulations on the installation of the client’s chosen stoves. This provided the customer with the information required to proceed with plans for the property and their listed building application.

You can find more information about our sweeping and CCTV inspection services on our Chimney Camera Inspection page. Alternatively if you would like to discuss in further please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01425 475774.

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