Thatched Property Chimney Liner Installation

thatched property chimney before

Fireplace before works commenced.

We only recommend the Schiedel Isokern flue lining system for thatched properties because of its robustness, its excellent insulation value and its ability to withstand chimney fires.

The client did not like the look of the inglenook fireplace with its new superimposed brick work and asked that this be removed to reveal much of the original fireplace. Part of the rear of the recess needed restoration and this was kept to a minimum. The chimney stacks were in poor condition and subject to damp. These were rebuilt and the live flue lined with pumice liners.


Late addition chimney breast removed

thatched property restored fireplace recess

Restored fireplace recess

thatched property chimney single flue stack

The single flue stack, serving the inglenook fire place wood burning stove, being rebuilt with Schiedel Isokern pumice liners surrounded with leca (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) insulation.

thatched property chimney stack

The live stack rebuilt ensuring a minimum of 1.8 metres above the thatch.

Rebuilding the twin flue stack with new lead tray turned upward. This will catch any water running down the inside of the brick flue and eject it through weep holes that will be sited just above the tray.

thatched property chimeny double stack thatched property completed twin flue chimneyThe completed twin flue chimney with vent caps to prevent bird nesting and rain entering. Note the steep weather flaunching to shed water, the brick drip/ wider layer of brick work and weep hole in the brick work just above the lead tray.


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