Chimney Maintenance Bath

For all chimney maintenance and repair work in Bath and surrounds, you can rely on Billing Chimneys to provide high quality work and a friendly service.

chimney maintenance BathTo ensure that your chimney is in good working order, has good up draught and is safe, then you need to ensure it is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Billing recommends that chimneys are swept annually – or twice a year where a chimney is well used. We work with domestic and private clients, local authorities and landlords and have developed a great reputation for the quality of our services. Our operatives will clean the chimney to remove soot build up and any accumulated debris as both these present a fire risk.  Once cleaned the flue can be inspected and we use high-quality CCTV which can pick up even small cracks. It is much more cost-effective to make repairs at this stage rather than later when the matter could be much more serious and costly. After sweeping and inspecting our engineers might advise on further measures, such as having a cowl fitted or an existing one replaced. All our work will be in your interest and the best for a safe and efficient flue.

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  • Reactive and Planned Chimney Maintenance Services
  • Prevent Chimney Fires, Ash and Soot Blowback and build-up of Carbon Monoxide
  • Chimney Maintenance for Domestic and Commercial Properties
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