Chimney Removal Bournemouth

Chimney Removal Bournemouth

Based in Ringwood, Billing Chimneys is a family business offering all aspects of chimney services, including chimney stack removal throughout the Bournemouth area.  Chimneys are more than just the stack that you see from the outside, but a complete structure within the building. If you are looking at a full chimney removal, then you are advised to see expert advice.

Chimney removal is often considered where a property is being renovated. Space can be created through chimney breast removal. In doing this, you will need to be certain that the stack has enough support otherwise there could be structural damage or even collapse. The stack itself can be removed and this is where Billing can help.

Chimney stack removal is not as disruptive as chimney breast removal. A redundant stack can be capped off, but if it has fallen into disrepair and the flue is unused, then it can be removed. Billing’s staff are happy to discuss with you the choice between repair or to remove it. Removal by Billing takes away the stack and repairs the roof aperture with new rafters, felt, battens and tiles, leaving your roof secure.

If you are thinking about chimney removal but are unsure or would like further information, then do please get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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