Chimney CCTV Camera Inspection Dorchester

CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients throughout the Dorchester area

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Chimney Flue Inspection Image Showing Spoiled Bricks

If you are experiencing problems with your chimney have you considered a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) survey? Billing Chimneys offers the latest in CCTV technology to undertake surveys for all chimney types and for domestic and commercial clients in the Dorchester area.

CCTV chimney surveys are quick to undertake, and Billing Chimneys’ professional staff have many years’ experience in diagnosing and solving chimney issues and will provide a no-nonsense explanation of the results.



Why might you need a chimney camera inspection?

  • CCTV camera surveys are the quickest and best way to investigate problems with chimneys
  • A camera can check the condition of the whole chimney and will check for cracks and deterioration especially in older chimneys
  • If you’ve had a chimney fire, a CCTV survey can check if it has caused any damage
  • If the cause of chimney problems is a blockage, a camera survey will find out what the blockage is and help decide the best way to remove it
  • You may want a new chimney liner, so a CCTV survey will assess and measure the flue quickly and easily


Expert Chimney Camera Inspections

chimney cctv camera inspection Dorchester 2Billing Chimneys professional staff will undertake your CCTV chimney survey arranged by an appointment to suit you. A camera mounted on flexible cable will be inserted into the chimney illuminated by LED lights attached to the camera. The images are relayed to a monitor and the survey recorded, ensuring nothing is missed.

Whatever the property, if you have a chimney, Billing can ensure it is in the best of order. We are specialists in historic buildings but can equally work with modern chimneys on commercial premises. Whatever the type of chimney, if you have any concerns about its condition or simply want to ensure it’s well maintained, give us a call.

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