Chimney Cowl and Cap Installation Dorchester

Professional Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Dorchester

chimney cap installation Dorchester-1For householders and property owners in and around Dorchester who require a cowl or chimney cap installing, Billing Chimneys offer a quick and reliable service. We recommend live flues are fitted with a cowl and unused chimneys have a chimney cap fitted.

If you’ve been having problems with draught in your chimney or flue, then you will certainly need a cowl. A cowl installation will improve air flow and the efficiency of the fire or stove and subsequently improve the heat in your home or commercial premises. Cowls come in many kinds, so the one you need will depend upon the situation. Billing’s experienced engineers will survey the flue and explain the best options. A good draught not only improves the efficiency of the flue, but also the safety as it is the draught that takes away wasted gases caused during fuel combustion. A cowl also prevents wind-induced down draught, which causes smoke to blow back into a room.

chimney cap installation Dorchester-2There are other benefits to having a cowl fitted and these are associated with helping to keep the flue in good working order. One cause of problems such as soot falls and chimney fires, is blockages. Often then these are caused by discarded nesting materials. A cowl also prevents moisture from rain and other elements getting into the flu and causing damp. This applies also to chimney caps, which should be fitted onto unused chimneys and flues.

For further information on installing a chimney cap or a cowl, give Billing a call on 01020 475774, email us or use the online form on this page.

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