Chimney Removal Dorset

Chimney Removal Dorset

Billing Chimneys has a wealth of experience in all aspects of chimney work and has been working across Dorset for over forty years. We cover all areas from Bournemouth to Bridport, Weymouth to Shaftesbury.  Whole chimney removal is a huge and often complicated procedure and something we do not undertake; however, we do offer chimney stack removal.

Chimney stacks can be removed where they have become unstable or are simply no longer required as the flue is redundant. This often happens during property renovations and chimney breasts are removed to make more space within a property.  To remove the chimney breast and indeed the whole flue needs careful consideration as it affects the structure of the building and is a lengthy process, so it’s important to get the correct advice. Removing the stack only is a solution where the stack has become unstable, is letting damp into the property, or for aesthetic reasons. Chimney stack removal is carried out externally and the aperture in the roof is repaired with replacement rafters, felt, battens and tiles.

If you are considering or would like more information on chimney removal Dorset, why not get in touch. Our expert staff will provide an estimate, what to expect and the cost.

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