Chimney CCTV Camera Inspection Fareham

CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients across Fareham and surrounding areas

Chimney Flue Inspection Fareham

Chimney inspections are part and parcel of good chimney maintenance, however there may be a time when a survey is needed due to problems being experienced. Using a camera is the best way to investigate a chimney, especially with the quality of cameras and resulting film available today. The cameras are mounted on flexible cable and the film relayed back to a monitor. The camera is further helped by the LED light attached. This gives a clear picture of the chimney fabric highlighting where any problems lie.

Why might you need a chimney camera inspection?

  • Cameras provide a quick and efficient method to investigate chimney problems
  • Easy assessment of the chimney for any damage following a fire
  • Blockages are a common problem in chimneys and a camera survey the best way to find its location
  • You want to bring an old chimney back into use or have it checked
  • You need a new chimney liner, so the size and shape of the chimney needs measuring

Expert Chimney Camera Inspections

Chimney Camera Inspection FarehamBilling Chimneys has been working with all kinds of chimneys since 1980 and operate in the Fareham area. For our inspections we use state-of-the-art cameras operated by our experienced staff. The engineer will survey your chimney and give a jargon-free assessment. If there are any issues found we can arrange for them to be dealt with, restoring your chimney to optimum efficiency.

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