Chimney Liner Installation Fareham

Billing Chimneys are experts in chimney liner installation operating in and around Fareham. Our first-class service takes you from the survey to installation giving you a worry-free experience.

The principal reasons for having a chimney lined or relined is to meet building regulations and for the safety of your home or premises. Building regulations stipulate how individual liners must be fitted to ensure that they are compatible with the appliance it is connected to and suitable for the kind of fuel being burned.  This is because it is essential that the gases produced from burning are expelled fully as waste gases leaking into a room can cause serious illness.

Billing’s professional engineers can assess your flue and advise the correct liner for your needs. We offer a full range of liners and liner products and will complete the installation to high standards of safety and efficiency.

There are different kinds of liner and we explain the ones Billing supplies below.

  • Isokern® Pumice Liner
  • Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner
  • Isokoat
  • Prefabricated Stainless-steel Rigid Systems

Isokern® Pumice Chimney Liner Installation

Isokern® is an outstanding, long-lasting liner manufactured from pumice. A natural product, Pumice has excellent insulating properties meaning as a liner it maintains a good internal temperature that is important for allowing waste gases to rise and be expelled.  These liners are suitable for use with a range of fuels, such as wood, solid fuel, oil and gas. They are perfect for new chimneys but can also be installed in an existing chimney.

The Isokern® flue liner range has a full choice of sizes and are ideal for masonry, timber framed or steel framed buildings. As specialists in chimney liner installations, Billing can undertake any liner task and can create bespoke systems. Isokern® systems can be fixed internally or externally. Whilst fairly simple to install, where a chimney has a bend, the wall will need opening up for a bend in the liner to be fitted.

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Keeping the chimney warmer for longer an Isokern® pumice liner can boost the efficiency of the flue and reduce the chance of soot build up. It is an excellent choice for a long-lasting installation. If you would like further information on this and other liners, do give us a call.


Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner Installation

Cheaper than pumice, a flexible stainless-steel chimney liner is the ideal choice for residential and commercial properties alike. The liner needs to be the correct type and size for the purpose and should be installed in conjunction with the appliance. In order to ensure a safe system, it is important to engage a competent and, preferably HETAS registered company such as Billing Chimneys. We have many years’ experience of installing flexible chimney liners and take pride in our reputation for the quality and standard of our installations.

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Fitting the correct liner is essential to ensure safety and efficiency. The manufacturer of the appliance will provide details of the diameter required to connect the flue, flue pipe and flue liner. They will also stipulate what type of liner is needed for the fuel being used, such as twin walled for solid fuel or oil or single walled for burning gas. Easy to clean and maintain, a flexible stainless-steel liner is a great choice.

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems

Where a property has no flueway, or the existing flue is shown to be inadequate for the purpose, then a prefabricated stainless-steel flue system can be installed. These flues are usually attached to the outside of a property, though can be installed inside. These systems, though generally more expensive than flexible stainless-steel systems, are easy to install. Billing uses several brands, including Rite-Vent, K Vent, B Vent and ICS systems. These systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.

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