Chimney CCTV Camera Inspection Guildford

CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients across Guildford

Chimney Flue Inspection GuildfordUsing a CCTV camera to inspect a chimney is a great problem-solving tool. Prior to cameras being available the only way to inspect the inside of a chimney was to break through the masonry, so cameras save a lot of hassle and are also a way to complete a full and comprehensive survey. The camera itself has an LED light and is mounted on a flexible cable, which can be manoeuvred around any shaped chimney.  The images are sent back to a monitor where they are checked by a qualified engineer who will be looking at the condition and for anything that will be the cause of issues the owners are experiencing. These images are recorded should further investigation be needed.

Why might you need a chimney camera inspection?

  • To investigate problems being experienced with the chimney
  • To identify any damage following a chimney fire
  • To find the cause of a blockage and provide information to help clear it
  • To check the chimney when a chimney has not been used for a long time
  • To assess and measure the space prior to a chimney liner being fitted

Expert Chimney Camera Inspections

Chimney Camera Inspection GuildfordEstablished in 1980, Billing Chimneys is committed to chimney safety and has a proud record for its great customer service. We offer the CCTV camera Inspection service throughout the Guildford area so if you are having any kind of chimney problems, why not get in touch. We work with all kinds of properties and our clients include domestic, commercial, local authority and landlord.

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