Chimney Removal Hampshire

Chimney Removal Hampshire

Billing Chimney’s chimney removal service is available across Hampshire including The New Forest, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, and Aldershot. 

The removal of a chimney is not something that can be taken lightly, and Billing’s service is for the removal of the stack only. Removal of the whole flue can have serious implications for the structure of the building, can be extremely messy and will need the input of a structural engineer to ensure sufficient support of the building fabric. There are also considerations for chimney breast removal and such work needs to comply with building regulations and the need to ensure the chimney stack can still be supported.

Chimney stack removal is carried out for numerous reasons, including a damaged stack or leakage. Billing’s engineers will remove the chimney stack to roof level and installl new rafters, felt and battens at the aperture and cover with tiles to match existing ones. It is possible to carry out this work without much disturbance internally, though our staff will ensure there is little or no mess.

If you are considering chimney removal Hampshire, do get in touch and we can advise on your plans and ensure you’re not risking the integrity of your home. You can contact us by phone, email or by using the online form. 

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