Chimney Cowl and Cap Installation Henley-on-Thames

Professional Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Henley-on-Thames

chimney cap installation Henley on Thames 1For all aspects of chimney work, Billing Chimneys supply and fit caps and cowls in and around Henley-on-Thames. We recommend live flues are protected with a cowl and unused chimneys have a cap.

A professionally fitted cap or cowl will improve the working of the chimney and prevent damage and is an essential investment where a chimney or flue exists. Billing Chimneys are experts in all aspects of chimney cowl and cap installation and highly recommend that cowls are fitted to live flues and that unused ones are capped. The only exception is with a thatched property where a cowl should not be fitted to a live flue.

chimney cap installation Henley on Thames 2Cowls are fitted to ensure there’s a proper draught in the flue. They will also stop downdraught, usually caused by wind. The weather can also damage the inside of a chimney by way of rain getting in and causing water damage or mould and mildew. Fitting a cowl with prevent this also.  Another cause of problems in chimneys and flues are bird nests and other debris, again a cowl can prevent such items from falling down the chimney.  There are many types, shapes and sizes of cowl from H-pots to rotary and made from materials such as terracotta, stainless steel and even Cotswold stone. The type you need will depend upon the chimney or flue where it’s to be fitted.

Billing is happy to advise on all aspects of chimney function and of how a cap or a cowl can improve the efficiency of your chimney, just get in touch.

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