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CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients across London

Chimney Flue Inspection LondonThere are many reasons that you might be having problems with your chimney. Causes of issues such as blockages or maybe insufficient draught can be easily identified through a CCTV camera inspection. Camera inspections provide detailed images of the chimney interior. They are mounted on a flexible cable which is inserted into the flue. They incorporate a LED light to illuminate its passage and the pictures it picks up are relayed back to a monitor. The engineer will be carefully watching the camera’s progress and note what is revealed and can then quickly diagnose any problems highlighted. The images are recorded for further use and inspection if necessary.

Why might you need a chimney camera inspection?

  • A camera is the ideal way to inspect a chimney for condition and issues such as cracks
  • If there’s a blockage, checking with a camera will find its location and allow the engineer to work out the best way to deal with it
  • Chimney fires will damage the chimney and a camera inspection can see the extent of any damage and where it has occurred
  • A camera survey will be necessary if a liner is to be fitted as it can measure the size and survey the shape of the chimney
  • A camera survey is of benefit to inspect a chimney that has not been used for some time, especially if it is intended to bring it back into use

Expert Chimney Camera Inspections

Chimney Camera Inspection LondonBilling Chimneys uses the best cameras available for its chimney CCTV camera inspections and offers this service throughout London. It is important that any chimney in use is kept well maintained and any issues being experienced investigated as some, such as cracks, can lead to leakage of dangerous gases into the premises. Billing Chimneys expert staff will identify any issues and provide a jargon-free explanation of how best to remedy the problem.

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