Chimney Design Consultancy London

Chimney Design Consultancy London

Billing Chimneys supports architects and building professionals in all aspects of chimney design. Whether the project is a new build, or you are undertaking renovation works, we will ensure that the chimney and flue are not only designed to meet exacting building regulations, but they are well constructed, efficient and, above all, safe. Billing Chimneys have nearly forty years’ experience in the industry making us the ‘go to’ company when it comes to chimney design in London.

Our design consultancy service will support you throughout the project from the design stage to construction and commissioning. Our experienced engineers will advise on all aspects of the chimney or flue and can help you to meet a client’s most exacting needs.  Options on flue routes and capacity along with the most appropriate materials are all areas where we can support designers. We are experienced in conservation and have worked on many listed buildings, working in partnership with designers and conservators. The benefit being of using Billing Chimneys is that the result is a fully functioning chimney; getting things right first time can prevent costly errors.

If you are designing a building with a chimney or flue or you are working on a renovation where an existing chimney or flue requires work, then our chimney design service is here to support you.

We offer expert advice on:

  • Sizing of flues in relation to fire size and type (solid fuel, DFE  or enclosed appliances)
  • Permanent air for flue draught and combustion
  • Cowls and terminals to eliminate downdraughts and the entry of rain, vermin, bird’s nests etc
  • Design of chimneys and flues to comply with current building regulations (Section J)
  • CCTV surveys of existing chimneys and flues
  • Planning of the flueway where obstructions or other problems arise
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