Chimney Liner Installation London

Billing Chimneys are experts in chimney liner installation and provide our services across London. From survey to supply and fit, you can be assured of a professional and efficient service.

There are a number of reasons why it’s best to have a chimney liner fitted. The principal ones are safety and to comply with building regulations. In addition, some appliances require a liner and the manufacturer will stipulate this. A liner will reduce the risk of leakage from an unlined chimney or flue and provide an efficient up draught. The liner installed will depend on the type of appliance, what fuel is intended to be burned and the type and condition of your chimney.

Billing’s chimney liner installation service will ensure your new liner is the correct one for your needs and is installed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Here are details of the liners used by Billing.

  • Isokern®  Pumice Liner
  • Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner
  • Isokoat
  • Prefabricated Stainless-steel Rigid Systems

Isokern®  Pumice Chimney Liner Installation

If you are looking to install a new chimney liner, whether in a new chimney or as part of the refurbishment of an existing chimney, Billing Chimney’s professional engineers will assess the project and recommend the best type for the job.  One of the most efficient types of liner is one made of pumice, a natural material which has fantastic insulating properties. With pumice, the chimney stays warmer for longer and does not contract and expand, thus reducing risk of dangerous cracks and other damage.

Billing Chimneys uses Isokern® pumice liners which are long lasting, lightweight and easy to install. They can be used internally or externally and for new build or refurbishment projects. Isokern® systems are suitable for a range of fuels, including, wood, solid fuel, oil and gas, making it an ideal choice for most situations.

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Whilst pumice liners such as Isokern® are not cheap, they are superbly reliable and long lasting, so a great investment. If you would like to know more or get an idea about how using a pumice liner can benefit your property, whether domestic or commercial, please get in touch.

Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner Installation

A flexible stainless-steel chimney liner is a cost-effective and easily installed choice. Provided there are no bends or obstructions, the liner is inserted into the chimney and threaded down to be attached to the appliance via a rigid flue pipe, which in turn can be vitreous or stainless steel, depending on the appliance and its setting. Flexible liners are easy to clean and maintain as the inside surface resists the build-up of soot and tar.

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A flue will be needed if the manufacturer of the appliance specifies one, they will also specify the diameter and any relevant accessories. Billing Chimneys have been fitting new appliances and associated flues and liners for many years. Our professional staff will ensure that the liner is the correct one for the fuel being burned, for example, a twin-walled flue is required for solid fuel and oil and a single walled flue for gas.

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems

As with all flues, the correct flue should be installed to match the appliance. Billing’s expert engineers will explain what type of flue is needed. If you don’t have a flue already, or there are issues with an existing flue, then a twin wall system would be a solution offered. These systems are generally installed externally, though can be inside too.  Rite Vent, B Vent and K Vent are popular systems and will provide an efficient and easy to install solution for both domestic and commercial situations.

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