Chimney Maintenance the New Forest

If you are seeking a reliable and experienced company to undertake chimney maintenance in the New Forest, Billing Chimneys, based in Ringwood are here to help. With nearly forty years in the trade we have an enviable reputation for customer satisfaction.

chimney maintenance the new forest

If you have a chimney that’s in use, then for safety it needs to be well maintained. Chimneys should be regularly

swept, and an inspection can highlight any potential issues before they become a big problem. Sweeping a chimney reduces the risk of a chimney fire and problems like ash and soot blowback. We recommend an annual sweep and inspection. Sweeping will clear away any debris and built up soot, something that can catch fire. A clear chimney makes it more efficient by improving the up draught. Once swept an inspection can identify any other issues, such as cracks in the masonry. Cracks can be dangerous as they can allow gasses created when burning to escape through the gaps into rooms rather than be expelled out of the chimney safely in the normal way.

For further information or to book an appointment, simply give us a call or contact us via email or the online form.

  • Reactive and Planned Chimney Maintenance Services
  • Prevent Chimney Fires, Ash and Soot Blowback and build-up of Carbon Monoxide
  • Chimney Maintenance for Domestic and Commercial Properties
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