Chimney CCTV Camera Inspection Oxford

CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients

Chimney Flue Inspection Image Showing Spoiled Bricks

Chimney Flue Inspection Image Showing Spoiled Bricks

Working with domestic and commercial clients, Billing Chimney and Flue Services offers state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera surveys throughout the Oxford area. Our expert staff can survey all kinds of chimney and our surveys provide a quick diagnosis.

Billing Chimneys was established in 1980 and is committed to ensure our customers receive the best service. If you are experiencing chimney problems or have any concerns, then we would advise a survey and the best way to carry out a chimney survey is by CCTV.


Why might you need a Chimney Camera Inspection?

  • To investigate any problems that you’re having with your chimney
  • To investigate any blockages. Blockages can occur for a number of reasons, such as built-up debris to fallen bird nests
  • It is an old chimney that may have deteriorated over time
  • To make an assessment for damage following a chimney fire.
  • A new chimney liner is needed, and the size and shape of the inside has to be measured

Expert Chimney Camera Inspection Services

Chimney Camera Inspection Oxford

Using CCTV cameras is the best way to inspect the inside of a chimney. Billing Chimneys’ technicians will provide a jargon-free explanation of anything they find during the survey, which is transmitted from the camera inside the chimney to a monitor. The images are detailed and clear due to LED lighting fixed to the camera cable and the survey is recorded.

It is important that your chimney is working safely and efficiently, blockages such as creosote build-up or fallen masonry can cause problems. Chimney fires can result in cracks which in turn could release harmful gases into a room. For peace of mind, why not give Billing a call.

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