Chimney Liner Installation Oxford

Billing Chimneys have approaching forty years of experience in all aspects of chimney work. If you are looking for a company that can provide chimney liner installation in the Oxford area, then Billing Chimneys are the people to call.

For reasons of safety, chimneys need to comply with building regulations and as a result a chimney might need to be lined or relined. Importantly, a liner reduces the risk of gases created by burning fuels leaking through damage or cracks in the flue. Individual liners must be suitable for the type of fuel being burned and compatible with the appliance they are connected to.  Some manufacturers stipulate a liner is fitted for their appliance.

Billing Chimneys offer a full range of liners and liner products and will advise of the correct type for your situation, whether commercial or domestic. Once commissioned we will complete the installation to high standards of safety and efficiency.

There are different kinds of liner and we explain the ones Billing supplies below.

  • Isokern® Pumice Liner
  • Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner
  • Isokoat
  • Prefabricated Stainless-steel Rigid Systems

Isokern® Pumice Chimney Liner Installation

Pumice is a natural product with outstanding insulating properties so an Isokern® pumice chimney liner is a great choice. Whilst it might be a more expensive option it provides for a long-lasting liner. Pumice chimney liners maintain a good internal temperature creating the right conditions for waste gases to rise and be expelled, this in turn reduces build-up of soot. An Isokern® liner is perfect for a new chimney but can be installed in an existing chimney too and can be fixed internally or externally. They are suitable for use with a range of fuels, such as wood, solid fuel, oil and gas.

Available in a wide choice of sizes the Isokern® flue liner range is suitable for all types of buildings. It is a lightweight material and fairly easily installed, though the masonry might need opening where there’s a bend in the wall.

An Isokern® flue liner is an excellent choice for a reliable and long-lasting installation. If you would like further information on this and other liners, do give us a call.

Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner Installation

A flexible stainless-steel chimney liner is a less expensive choice than pumice, it is nevertheless a great choice that will give many years of service. A flexible stainless-steel liner is easy to clean and maintain because the surface resists the build-up of soot and tar deposits. They are suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. With a wide choice of systems available, it is important to install the correct type and size for the purpose and in conjunction with the appliance it will be connected to. These liners are usually installed by being inserted into the chimney and threaded down to be connected to the appliance.

Fitting the correct liner is essential for safety and Billing Chimney’s expert engineers have many years’ experience in such installations and will talk you through the requirements. Employing Billing Chimneys will ensure the liner is fitted to the manufacturer’s specifications.  The manufacturer will provide details of the diameter required to connect the flue, flue pipe and flue liner. They will also stipulate what type of liner is needed for the fuel being used, such as twin walled for solid fuel or oil or single walled for burning gas.

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems are suitable for domestic and commercial properties and as a general rule are attached to the outside of a property.  These flue systems are recommended where

an existing flue is unsuitable or there is no flueway. Billing uses several brands, including Rite-Vent, K Vent, B Vent and ICS systems and although generally more expensive than a flexible stainless-steel liner they are easy to install.

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