Chimney Removal Salisbury

Chimney Removal Salisbury

Billing Chimneys has been offering chimney services in Salisbury since 1980, one service we are asked about is chimney removal. A chimney is not just the stack we can see on the roof of a property, but a whole structure. A full removal can be a lengthy, messy and complicated project needing the input of specialists, including structural engineers. For this reason, Billing offers only chimney stack removal.

Where a flue is redundant and unwanted a stack can cause problems, such as damp seeping into the property. A stack can be capped off, but if the stack itself has problems, such as major cracks then removal is a solution. Permission to do this may be required from the local authority, especially if the building is within a conservation area, but Billing’s experienced staff will be able to advise on this. We can assess the job and provide an estimate along with an outline of the scope of work, Generally, chimney stack removal is done from the outside, so less disruption than, for example, a chimney breast removal.

Billing will dismantle the stack then repair the roof with new rafters, cover with felt and battens and fit tiles. If you would like to know more, then why not get in touch to discuss your ideas or plans.

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