Chimney Liner Installation Somerset

With almost forty years in the industry Billing Chimneys are the ideal people to supply and fit your chimney liner installation. Working throughout Somerset, we are just a phone call away.

A chimney flue needs to be sound and leakproof and the best way to achieve this is through a liner. There are a variety of types of liner and Billing’s expert engineers will check your flue and report on the best one to install for your needs. Chimneys also need to comply with building regulations, the main reason for this is safety. Flues need to safely expel the gasses that are produced by burning fuels, failure to do this can result in leakage, which in turn can result in serious illness or even fatalities.

We only supply quality products and by using our professional service you can enjoy peace of mind that your chimney will work efficiently and safely.

Billing supplies the following liners.

  • Isokern®  Pumice Liner
  • Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner
  • Isokoat
  • Prefabricated Stainless steel Rigid Systems

Isokern® Pumice Chimney Liner Installation

For ease of construction, maximum insulating properties and great heat retention, Isokern® pumice flue lining is a perfect choice for a chimney refurbishment or a new build project. The systems are suitable for a range of fuels and there is a wide choice of sizes and accessories which allow for all kinds of properties to enjoy the benefits of this system.

Isokern® pumice chimney liners are lightweight and easily installed. Billing Chimney’s engineers will have conducted a thorough survey of the chimney and will be able to let you know before the project starts whether or not the wall will need to be broken into. The reason for this would be a bend, preventing the sections of the liner being lowered into place.

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Once in place the flue will operate to a high level of efficiency due to the nature of pumice, which in turn aids efficient operation of the appliance. To find out more about pumice chimney liners, contact Billing and our friendly staff will be only too happy to help.

Flexible Stainless-Steel Liner Installation

Billing Chimneys is a HETAS registered company and as such are the perfect people to install your flexible stainless-steel chimney liner. We work with commercial and domestic clients alike and will ensure the flue installed is the correct one for the appliance it is to be connected to. There is a wide choice of flexible stainless-steel chimney liners as these are the most popular type. They are relatively quick and easy to install. If there are no bends or obstructions in the chimney the liner is simply threaded down the chimney and connected to the appliance with a rigid flue pipe.

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Whilst a pumice liner will last longer a stainless-steel liner will also give many years’ service. They are easy to clean and maintain as the surface resists the build-up of soot and tar deposits caused by burning. The liner will be installed at the same time as the appliance to ensure the two are compatible and fitted as specified by the appliance manufacturer.

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems

Twin wall systems provide a cost-effective way to provide a flue on a residential or small commercial property where there is no existing flue. These systems are generally fixed externally but can be installed inside. Whilst these types of venting systems should be as vertical as possible, Billing also uses the B Vent system where appropriate as they include adjustable bends to help divert by obstacles, such as roof trusses.

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