Chimney Maintenance Southampton

Billing Chimney’s is a long-established family company working on all aspects of chimney repair and maintenance. Our clients include commercial, domestic, local authority and landlords. A well-maintained chimney is a must if it is to work safely and efficiency and we offer a comprehensive chimney maintenance service throughout Southampton.

 Chimney Maintenance SouthamptonPrevention is better than cure. Sadly, we are often called out to fix chimney problems that might not have occurred had a regular maintenance program been in place. Regular maintenance includes clean and inspection. Cleaning removes any debris that has fallen down the chimney and rids the chimney of any build-up of soot. Both these have the potential to catch alight and the resulting fire can cause damage to the chimney fabric. Inspections will especially check the masonry for any weathering or damage. Such damage reduces the efficiency of the draught and is a point for gases to escape from rather than be safely expelled into the air. This leakage can be dangerous. All work is undertaken by our fully qualified engineers who have a reputation for the quality of their work.

If you are having issues with your chimney or want to ensure it’s safe and working efficiently or would like it inspected then contact us using the online form, or by email or telephone 01425 475774.

  • Reactive and Planned Chimney Maintenance Services
  • Prevent Chimney Fires, Ash and Soot Blowback and build-up of Carbon Monoxide
  • Chimney Maintenance for Domestic and Commercial Properties
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