Chimney Maintenance Swindon

Swindon residents who are looking for a professional company to undertake their chimney maintenance and repair need look no further than Billing Chimneys. Providing chimney services since 1980, we undertake domestic and commercial work and no job is too big or too small.

chimney maintenance SwindonIf you have a chimney that is in use then you should have it cleaned at least once each year, if it is used a lot, then twice. Cleaning will reduce the risk of ash and soot blowback and of chimney fire by clearing away built-up soot and debris. Once cleared the draught will improve, which in turn cuts the risk of carbon monoxide build up by allowing the gases to easily escape up the chimney. A clean chimney can then be inspected. This is a great preventative action. Our engineers use state-of-the-art CCTV cameras with LCD lights that will highlight even the smallest problems. These can be put right before they become costly to repair.  We are proud of our reputation for high standards and reliability, but most of all that we leave our customers’ chimneys working safely and efficiently.

Why not get in touch, our friendly staff are on hand to answer all your questions. Call us on 01425 475774.

  • Reactive and Planned Chimney Maintenance Services
  • Prevent Chimney Fires, Ash and Soot Blowback and build-up of Carbon Monoxide
  • Chimney Maintenance for Domestic and Commercial Properties
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