Chimney Removal Winchester

Chimney Removal Winchester

Billing Chimneys offers a full range of chimney services, including chimney removal services, for properties in Winchester and surrounding areas. The removal of a chimney is not something the be undertaken lightly and you’ll need qualified and professional people to carry out such work.

To completely remove a chimney breast, flue and stack is an enormous project as it is a system that is integrated into the structure of the building. Full removal can be further complicated when there is a party wall. Complete removal should only be undertaken once a full structural survey has been done and measures taken to reinstate any lost structural integrity. Because of this, Billing Chimneys will only carry out chimney stack removal.

Chimney stack removal is less disruptive and, as well as being a cosmetic change, it can solve issues such as damp getting into a property. Our engineers dismantle the stack and make repairs to the opening with new rafters, battens, felt and tiles. We are NACE members and have an enviable reputation for excellent customer service. If you are considering chimney removal, do get in touch, our friendly, helpful staff are happy to help.

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