Chimney Drone Inspection

A drone inspection of a chimney provides unparalleled advantages over any visual inspection that can be made from the ground level. Our drone with 4k HD capabilities provides customers with a cost effective option to obtain an unbiased, objective visual of their chimney stack condition. This service can predominantly save on scaffold costs and will allow us to check for any potential damage or defects.

Drone Inspection

The configuration of some properties can make it difficult to obtain a good view of the whole chimney stack from the ground, an issue which is easily overcome using a drone. A drone also has the ability to view and photograph an aerial view of the top of the chimney.

Accessing the chimney stack traditionally via ladders can pose a health and safety risk and does not provide a full 360 degree view of the chimney stack. The alternative to this is to erect scaffolding or use a hydraulic platform (costing £700.00 upwards depending on the property). These options can be time-consuming to arrange and impose a risk to the property – best avoided especially in the case of thatch, listed or heritage properties.

In some lucky cases, an inspection may confirm that the chimney stack is in good condition with no work required or highlight an alternative cause that could not be foreseen from ground level. With a drone any access cost can be avoided.

A drone inspection can be undertaken alongside a CCTV inspection of the flue to provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the chimney internally and externally.

A drone inspection can be arranged at your convenience and carried out quickly on site. We will then review the footage in our office and send over our recommendations and quotation for any works required along with the relevant images and video footage.

We offer a fully licenced and insured drone service using our lightweight specialist drone which allows us to fly close to your Chimney/Roof for a closer inspection. Our drone pilots have all undertaken professional training, and our equipment is equipped with a high definition camera which allows us to capture images and videos.  Our drone can fly to a height of 120m so can cover even the tallest of properties and chimneys.

Why would you need a chimney drone inspection?

  • Insurance requirement
  • Condition report when buying/selling property
  • Wear and tear becoming visible
  • Loose brickwork
  • Crack in chimney
  • Loose flashing
  • Cracked flaunching
  • Water issue
  • Property sale or purchase
  • Planning listed works
  • Bird issue

Chimney drone inspection photos

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