Estate Managers

Planned Maintenance

Billing Chimneys is the appointed solid fuel maintenance provider for various local authorities, housing associations and country estates. Our staff and systems offer a reliable auditable system that ensures that each dwelling is visited and appliances checked. The company offers a full range of services to include sealed smoke tests and inspection of the full flue route and chimney stack.

With a tenant list supplied by the estate, the company makes an appointment by phone and visits each tenanted dwelling that uses a solid fuel appliance. Our engineer sweeps the flue and checks the appliance. Repairs are carried out on the spot if the required parts are on the engineer’s van or a return visit made promptly to keep the solid fuel appliance running efficiently. Checks are also made on the chimney stack, pots and cowls. The engineer has a CCTV camera on board and this can be useful if there is a hard to see problem with the flue.

Billing Chimneys builds a database of the properties attended with details of the appliance, flue and chimney. Once the service is complete the installation will be certificated and this is copied to the Estate Manager or appointed person for their record.

Reactive Maintenance

Billing Chimneys also offers a reactive service to various estates so that tenants are not left without heating longer than necessary. The re-active side also undertakes larger scale works as necessary from chimney lining to chimney rebuilds and all associated chimney work.

Some of the country estates will be undertaking major renovations and refurbishments on their larger properties. Typically this will involve re-lining flues for open fires, sometimes involving the robbing of adjacent unused flues, to modern safety standards. Using the preferred Schiedel Isokern pumice systems for their longevity, durability and excellent insulation qualities new flues from old are possible and with this system the insurers are kept happy as well.

Brewery owned estates are also covered by Billing Chimneys with the same requirements met. As far as possible the servicing is carried out outside the busiest opening times. With a significant proportion of the premises having thatched roofs the pumice system is really the only system that we recommend for the qualities it has in protecting the vulnerable thatch. See our page on the pumice system for more details.

Request a Call Back

If you'd like a member of our team to give you a call back to discuss any of our chimney services, please just enter your details and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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