Stately Homes Chimney Specialists

Stately Homes Chimney Specialists

Stately Homes are part of the country’s proud architectural heritage. These buildings have been in families for generations or are now in the care of trusts and charities. What is certain is their care should be in the hands of experts. When it comes to the chimneys in such properties, they need the attention of chimney specialists and this is where Billing Chimneys can help.

Where a property has multiple flues, particular attention needs to be taken. Each fireplace will have its own flue, and these can often be on a party wall. Internally there may be structures known as ‘withes’ or ‘mid-feathers’. This can result in a labyrinth of flues which all need treating with the same respect as if there were only one. Billing Chimneys’ expert engineers will use state-of-the art CCTV cameras with special LCD lighting to undertake detailed inspection and provide a plan for repair and regular maintenance.

By employing chimney specialists such as Billing you are greatly reducing the risk of fire and escaping gases for open fires and even where fires are no longer used, conserving the fabric of the building. Billing can work with estate managers and conservators and for details and further information please do get in touch.

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