Chimney Services in Portsmouth

Professional chimney construction, lining, maintenance and repair services in Portsmouth and surrounding areas

Billing Chimneys is an experienced provider of chimney services operating in the Portsmouth area, including the surrounding locations of Cosham, Hilsea, Fratton, Southsea and others.

Portsmouth Chimney Services

We work with both domestic and commercial clients, typically undertaking work involving the following:

chimney construction in romsey

Chimney Construction

Billing Chimneys is a highly experienced provider of chimney construction services, we can handle any construction project. Whether a new chimney installation, repair or replacing an existing chimney, our team will take care of every stage of the process.

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chimney liner installation romsey

Chimney Liner Installation

We are experts in chimney liner installation, lining or relining flues with a variety of methods. For an enclosed stove, boiler, Aga, Rayburn, open fire or other appliance to work efficiently and safely the flue must be sound and leak proof. The simplest way to ensure this is to reline the flue with one of several systems we have on offer, each system has different qualities and at billing we can advise you on the best solution for your property.

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wood burning stove installation romsey

Wood-burning Stove Installation

A wood burning stove is an efficient way to heat a room, providing warmth and style with low running costs. We can supply everything you need to get a stove installed, and take care of all installation and modification work.

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romsey chimney repair

Chimney Repair and Restoration

Billings provides a complete chimney repair and restoration service where a chimney has become damaged or unsuitable for use. No matter what the cause of the problem, we can make your chimney operate safely and efficiently again.

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romsey chimney survey

Chimney CCTV Camera Surveys

Billings has a huge amount of experience in chimney inspection and survey, operating the latest CCTV camera technology to inspect the inside of the flue ensures all potential problems can be identified and prevents the need to break through the chimney.

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chimney extractor fans romsey

Chimney Extractor Fans / Exhausto Fans

If the design of a flue is not suitable for the fireplace it serves, and a chimney extractor fan may be required to create sufficient up draught. Insufficient draught through a chimney can cause the harmful waste products of combustion to fill your home or workplace instead of being safely expelled upwards into the atmosphere.

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romsey chimney design

Chimney Design Services

Billings offer a chimney design consultancy service. Supporting architects, designer or other construction professional, we can help with the design and planning of each stage of to ensure that the final fireplace, flueway and chimney are well constructed, efficient and in line with building regulations.

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