Chimney Services in Southampton

Professional chimney construction, lining, maintenance and repair services in southampton and surrounding areas

Billing Chimneys is an experienced provider of chimney services operating in the southampton area, including the surrounding locations of Charminster, Winton, Queen’s Park, Kinson, Boscombe, Moordown and others.

southampton chimney services

We work with both domestic and commercial clients, typically undertaking work involving the following:

chimney construction in romsey

Chimney Construction

Billing Chimneys are experts in chimney construction, with over 30 years’ experience in the field. Whether you need a chimney constructed in a new building or to retrofit an existing property, we will take care of the entire process, from design to construction to maintenance.

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chimney liner installation romsey

Chimney Liner Installation

A properly lined chimney stack is essential for efficient expelling of waste gases and other combustion by-products. Billing can expertly line or reline any chimney.

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wood burning stove installation romsey

Wood-burning Stove Installation

We offer a complete wood-burning stove installation service, assisting you with choice of stove and carrying out all necessary installation and modification. We are registered under the HETAS scheme and all our work is carried out professionally and in compliance with all regulations.

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romsey chimney repair

Chimney Repair and Restoration

Many factors can contribute to the deterioration of a chimney, such as debris, fires or exposure to the elements. Our chimney repair and restoration service will fix any problem major or minor.

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romsey chimney survey

Chimney CCTV Camera Surveys

Our CCTV camera surveying service allows us to non-destructively inspect the inside of a chimney flue, so that we can determine the cause of a fault or blockage, or carry out a general inspection of the flue’s condition.

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chimney extractor fans romsey

Chimney Extractor Fans / Exhausto Fans

We can install an Exhausto Fan system in your home or workplace, ensuring a proper draught and safely and efficiently expelling carbon monoxide and other undesirable waste products of combustion.

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romsey chimney design

Chimney Design Services

Our design consultancy service for architects, designers and other construction industry professionals provides expert advice at the design and planning stage of any construction project. We will ensure that any chimneys, fireplaces or related structures conform to all regulations and are professionally constructed.

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