Chimney Cowl and Cap Installation Somerset

Professional Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Somerset

chimney cap installation Somerset-1With many years’ experience in all aspects of chimney work throughout Somerset, Billing Chimneys provide a full range of chimney services including chimney cowl and chimney cap installation. We recommend a cowl is fitted on all live flues and caps on unused chimneys.

Whilst not every chimney will require a cowl, there are great benefits to having one installed. Firstly, they are installed for preventative reasons. A cowl stops debris from falling down the chimney. Often items such as bird nesting materials can cause blockages as they build up over time, in fact a cowl will stop birds nesting in the chimney in the first place.  A cowl will also keep moisture out, which in turn will prevent damage from mould and mildew. Next, a cowl will also help to control the draught in a chimney, supporting a good up draught and prevent wind blowing down the flue and pushing smoke into the room.  A cap provides similar benefits and keeps an unused flue ventilated.

chimney cap installation Somerset-2There are a huge variety of types of cowl and cap made in a range of materials, from galvanised iron and aluminium to Cotswold stone, though the most easily recognised is a traditional terracotta one. Cowls benefit flues used for domestic and commercial uses alike and it is essential that whatever kind is used it is fitted and secured correctly.

Call us today for further information of having a chimney cap or cowl fitted, we will make sure you have all the right information to make your choice.

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