Chimney Cowl and Cap Installation Southampton

Professional Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Southampton

Chimney Cap Installation Southampton For all chimney services in Southampton and surrounding areas, including professional cowl and chimney cap installation, Billing Chimneys’ experienced staff will ensure the correct cowl or cap is fitted for the specific chimney or flue.

How do you know if you need a chimney cap or a chimney cowl fitted and how do you start to find the best for your situation from the vast selection available? The best way to ensure the correct cap or cowl is fitted is to choose an experienced company like Billing Chimneys. We recommend that a cap is fitted on an unused flue to provide ventilation and a cowl installed where a flue is in use. Both caps and cowls prevent damage to the flue from moisture due to rain, sleet and snow getting inside. These also help stop debris falling inside and causing blockages. This can include nesting materials as they deter birds from settling at the top or inside the chimney or flue.

Chimney Cowl Installation SouthamptonCowls are fitted to active flues. The benefits are to boost up draught, reduce heat loss and minimise down draught the latter which can cause smoke blowing back into the property.

If you want a cowl or chimney cap installed and want to ensure correct fitting of the most appropriate type, then call the professionals. No job is too big or too small.

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