Chimney Cowl and Cap Installation Swindon

Professional Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Swindon

chimney cap installation Swindon-1Billing Chimneys is a family run company that has been providing complete chimney services in and around Swindon since 1980. We recommend that a live chimney is fitted with a cowl and any unused chimneys fitted with a cap. There are good reasons for this, and our experts will ensure the most appropriate product is used in each individual situation.

There are a huge variety of cowls and caps and the type you need will depend upon the chimney and the situation. Cowls are manufactured for domestic and commercial purposes as they all help with the efficient working of the flue. Most people recognise a traditional terracotta chimney cowl or cap, however caps and cowls are also made with stainless steel, galvanised iron and even Cotswold stone, making for a flexible choices.

chimney cap installation Swindon-2Chimney cowls are recommended for live flues as they offer the ideal way to ensure that the up draught efficiently expels the gases created during burning fuels and also to prevent down draught caused by windy weather. Damage to a flue can be caused by wind and rain coming down the flue and by build up of debris, often caused by nesting birds, these issues are prevented by fitting a cowl.  A chimney cap is advised for any unused flue as they also protect from the elements and debris build up and they keep the flue ventilated. This makes it much easier – and usually less troublesome to bring back into use.

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